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Integration Instructions Throughout the semester you will be required to compute integrals on graded assignments and exams. These problems will come in two types: 1. Problems where you are expected to show all computational steps by hand. 2. Problems where you are welcome to produce an answer using any technology available. On ungraded homework Type 2 problems are marked by an asterisk. On graded assignments and exams the problem instructions should make it clear what work must be shown. When in doubt, be sure to ask! Type 1 Type 1 problems test your algebraic skills and your ability to apply integration techniques. On graded problems you will not receive credit unless you show work that demonstrates these skills. Solutions obtained from a calculator or a software package will be worth no credit. Here are some guidelines for what steps must appear in writing You do NOT need to show work to locate elementary antiderivatives . You can either memorize this list or you can use a calculator to produce the answer. (You can also show the work of
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