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CPS exam 2 study guide

CPS exam 2 study guide - Joseph Wilmot CPS 100 EXAM 2 STUDY...

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Joseph Wilmot CPS 100 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 4 Free software updates-service packs The concurrent execution of multiple applications-multitasking Tools for doing system maintenance that aren't done automatically by the operating system- utility programs Files that include installation instructions-readme Programs that allow input/output devices to communicate with a computer-DEVICEDRIVERS The unauthorized use of software-Piracy The first computer to develop the graphical user interface-MAC Errors in software-bugs Translator program that translates high-level languages to machine language-COMPILER A program that interacts with the host program and extends its functionality-PLUGIN Web applications that provide a service by combining functionality from two or more sources- MASHUP On-screen lists where users choose commands-MENUS Chapter 5 Alignment of text on a line-JUSTIFICATION Tool used with a database for producing personalized form letters-MAILMERGE
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