A43369633 HW1 - Drew Langton PID: A43369633 Learning How to...

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Drew Langton PID: A43369633 Learning How to Ride a Bike The first thing I need to do when I learn how to ride a bike is get comfortable on the bike. This means that I would analyze how the handle grips feel in my hands, and how the seat feels when I sit on it. To generate these thoughts there would be many sensations going on in my brain. I would use bottom up processing to get accustomed to all the different sensations I might feel on a bike as well as top down processing according to my expectations of what I might feel on the bike . When you sit on the bike and grab the handles, my brain will already be producing potential ideas of what my body is going to sense based on experience from sitting and grabbing in other aspects of life. Once I make contact with the bike, sensory receptors will receive a stimulus from the touch of the seat, exceeding the threshold and transforming the signal into an electrochemical signal. This will cause the neurons to react with one another. The signal is sent from the sensory receptor to neurons. Neurons pass the electrochemical signal by releasing neurotransmitters through the synaptic gap to the dendrites of the next neuron, where the signal is passed down the axons, and repeated. This signal will be carried to the spinal cord where it will eventually make its way up to the brain. This information will be directed to cerebellum, by the thalamus, where it is computed and a response will be generated. Movements and balance will be coordinated based upon the response generated by the cerebellum.
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A43369633 HW1 - Drew Langton PID: A43369633 Learning How to...

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