A43369633 HW2 - Drew Langton A43369633 Increasing Happiness...

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Drew Langton A43369633 Increasing Happiness Exercise (Ch. 6): There are many techniques that can help someone increase their happiness. A happy person is a person who is living a stress free life. Chapter six talks about a few ways to lower stress levels to allow for a more normal life. Physical exercise is an activity that stimulates endorphins in the brain. With these endorphins, comes a better mood and an explosion of “feel good” stimulators in the brain. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment, which is good for an individual’s self-esteem. From personal experience, exercise can be used as a way to channel energy and emotion toward a more positive outlet. When I get mad at my parents or siblings, I could take it out on them by yelling and acting out. But instead of doing that I would choose to channel that energy into a productive and healthy activity that makes me feel better as a person. Exercise is also a good way to take a break from stressful activities like writing a paper, or practicing for a music recital. Allowing for a break can help the person involved to relax and get their mind off the stressor for a while, as well as stimulate the brain for better performance and enhanced concentration. By using up excess energy while working out, you can become happier because you feel more relaxed, you feel a sense of accomplishment, you see the health improvements, and you stimulate endorphins for increased brain stimulation. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to live a healthy, happy life. Social interaction (Ch. 11):
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A43369633 HW2 - Drew Langton A43369633 Increasing Happiness...

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