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Sleep Paper - Peter Rehder 714874731 Psych 220 sec 001...

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Peter Rehder 714874731 Psych 220 sec. 001 Sleep Paper Sleep apnea is characterized by an impaired ability to breathe while sleeping. People with sleep apnea experience breathless periods of about one minute, from which they wake up gasping for breath. Although they may not remember all awakenings, they do feel the resulting health issues, such as sleepiness during the day, impaired attention, depression, and sometimes heart problems. Because people with sleep apnea have multiple brain areas that have lost neurons, they have deficiencies of learning, reasoning, attention, and impulse control. Narcolepsy is a condition in which people experience frequent periods of sleepiness during the day. Although not every patient has them all, there are four symptoms that characterize narcolepsy. These include gradual or sudden attacks of sleepiness during the day, occasional cataplexy (attacks of muscle weakness while awake), sleep paralysis (the inability to
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