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Discussion Questions 7

Discussion Questions 7 - when the leader has traits like...

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Discussion Questions 7 1. Why do people follow – the four basic, follower needs? The four basic needs of the follower are trust, compassion, stability, and hope. Trust is essential because it allows an organization to work closely together, especially since it means there is honesty, integrity, and respect from their leaders. Compassion helps motivate followers to be more productive since there leaders are emitting traits like caring, friendship, happiness, and love. Stability provides a strong and solid foundation in an organization for employees
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Unformatted text preview: when the leader has traits like security, strength, and support. Hope is one of the most needed traits because it gives followers something to look forward to in the future assuming the leader instills in them direction, faith, and guidance. 2. Do your talents fit you? I believe my talents fit me very well. I believe they compliment my personality. As for my strengths, I have a basic understanding of what they are but am unable to take the strengthsfinder test....
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