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Math 121 Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor Each of the following problems can be solved using an LCM or a GCF . Not only should you solve the problem, but also explain your strategy for solving. 1. Janna goes to the laundry room in the dorm every 8 days. Kevin goes in the laundry room in the dorm every 10 days. If they meet in the laundry room while doing their laundry, how long will it be before they meet again in the laundry room? 2. Matt drinks bottled water. He has a 24 ounce bottle that he refills all through the day from gallon jugs.
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Unformatted text preview: Each jug has 128 ounces. When will a one-gallon jug run out at the same time he finishes filling a bottle? 3. The school has a case of 144 candy bars and a case of 24 sodas. If these are divided evenly among the students, how many students will get candy and soda? How many candy bars and sodas will each person get? 4. For a family picnic, Dana’s mom buys a box of 12 forks, a box of 18 spoons, and a box of 24 knives. How many boxes of each will she have to buy in order to have the same number of forks, spoons, and knives?...
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