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MTH 121 - Sec 2 1 (Sets) - e A B ∪ f A g B h A B-“Who...

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MTH 121—Section 2.1 Sets 1. Assign everyone in the class a number, 1 – class size. 2. Have all the students arrange themselves into the following sets, { } { } multiples of 2 , multiples of 3 A B = = to mimic the following Venn Diagram: 3. Once students have seated themselves according to their respective sets, have them stand up if they are included in the following sets by introducing the sets verbally: a. U (Universal Set) e.g. “Who is in the class?” b. A “Who are the multiples of 2?” c. B d. A B “Who is a multiple of 2 and a multiple of 3?”
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Unformatted text preview: e. A B ∪ f. A g. B h. A B-“Who are all the multiples of 2 that are not a multiple of 3?” i. B A-j. A B ∪ k. A B ∩ l. Have students create a proper subset of A ⊂ m. Have students create a proper subset of B ⊂ 4. Either during or after the exercise, tie in the set notation to the physical interaction by showing on the board how each of the above sets would be written symbolically. Mult Of 2 Mult Of 3 Mult of 2 and 3 Non-multiples of 2 or 3...
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