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DHM 3023 Fall 2011 Assignment 3 50 points PART A (20 points). Write a short essay about what you observed during our visit to the nursery. Include both age groups, comparing and contrasting their behavior as it relates to play clothing. Among the garments you saw at the nursery, provide example(s) to proper and not-so-proper garments. Why? Include all the elements that contribute to the aesthetics and functionality of the design. Then, list your design criteria you would like to use on your final project. PART B (30 points). Create a storage area and label it <your initials>asnmnt3. Using all the functions we covered so far perform the following pattern manipulations. 1. FRONT BODICE (any front pattern): Extend the CF line 2 inches as if to add an extended facing. Add notches at CF at neck and waistline. RENAME the piece and SAVE it in the storage area. 2. FRONT AND BACK SKIRT ( size 12): a. Shorten the skirt 4 inches. b.
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