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DHM 3213 Heritage of Dress II Name EXAMPLE Term paper proposal Write an original research paper comparing historic modes of dress in terms of cross-cultural or cross-historic (cross-time) differences. Select a broad topic from the list . My broad topic of research is… FASHION AND SPORTS Write a refined thesis statement. In this paper I will compare and contrast/ show/ demonstrate that… I WILL LOOK AT THE CHANGES IN DRESS (UNIFORMS) OF MALE FOOTBALL PLAYERS AS INFLUENCED BY THE CHANGES IN ATTITUDES TOWARDS IMAGE OF MASCULINITY [or ATTITUTED TOWARDS HEALTH AND SAFETY] [or ADVANCES IN
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Unformatted text preview: TECHNOLOGY] [or SOME OTHER RELEVEANT FACTOR] Select the time periods and groups of people for your study. If you are comparing two cultures, you can use the same time period for both; if you are looking at the dress within the same culture but at different time periods, you still need to specify the groups of people whose dress you are analyzing. The time periods that I will analyze and compare are1890s and 1970s The culture(s) / group(s) of people whose dress I will analyze is/are MALE AMERICAN FOOTBALL PLAYERS...
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