63 for neuroticism to 92 for openness differences

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Unformatted text preview: e of .54 found for personality traits during the college years (Roberts & DelVecchio, 2000). Disattenuated coefficients (corrected for coefficient alpha reliability estimates) ranged from .63 for Neuroticism to .92 for Openness. Differences among the Big Five in their 4-year stabilities may reflect differences in the degree to which these dimensions exhibit short-term fluctuations over time. For example, it is possible that Neuroticism is less stable than Openness because Neuroticism shows greater week-by-week fluctuations than Openness. To explore this possibility, we used shortterm test-retest reliability estimates to compute stability coefficients for each of the Big Five. The disattenuated 4-year stability correlations were .73 (Extraversion), .70 (Agreeableness), .66 (Conscientiousness), .60 (Neuroticism), and .80 (Openness). These stability estimates are consistent with (albeit a little lower than) the stabilities found when coefficient alpha was used to disattenuate the correlations (see Table 1). Structural Stability of Personality The intercorrelations among the Big Five scales at the beginning and end of college were highly similar both in terms of their absolute level and their patterning (see Table 2). The mean intercorrelation at Week 1 was Personality Change 629 Table 2 Structural Stability of Personality: Intercorrelations Among the Big Five Dimensions at the Beginning (Age 18) and End (Age 22) of College Extraversion Extraversion — Agreeableness .27* Conscientiousness .16* Neuroticism –.37* Openness .05 Agreeableness Conscientiousness Neuroticism Openness .30* — –.20* –.27* .12* .26* .29* — –.30* .12 –.37* –.35* –.38* — –.11 .12* .18* .05 –.10 — Note. N = 270. Intercorrelations at age 18 are reported below the diagonal and intercorrelations at age 22 are reported above the diagonal. * p < .05. .20 and the mean intercorrelation at Year 4 was .24. These values are comparable to intercorrelations among the Big Five repo...
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