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1 S AN F RANCISCO S TATE U NIVERSITY / Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures Linguistics for Foreign Languages (main session) FL 325-01 / M 16:10 – 18:55 @ HUM 133 Syllabus F ALL 2009 Course Objective and Overview FL 325 Linguistics for Foreign Languages is an introduction to contemporary linguistic theory and methods for students of foreign language. Special emphasis will be placed on structures, features and processes in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and others concentrations offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Key concepts of linguistic science will be presented in ways both enlightening and accessible to students studying foreign language. With this background knowledge, foreign language students will better understand and appreciate how language works and why it is relevant to their study of specific languages. [ NOTE : FL 325 is a core requirement for majors in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish -- see prerequisites below for individual languages] Course Content The course will center on language structure and methods of linguistic analysis, familiarity with which will enable students to pursue further research in their foreign language of choice. The course will begin with an overview of the nature of human language, followed by lectures on phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax. Assigned readings in semantics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language classification, and first and second language acquisition will further serve to provide a broader base for understanding linguistic phenomena. The curriculum will be capped with a series of breakout sessions with target-language instruction by separate instructors in individual groups to further allow students to master key elements and discuss central issues in each individual language. Prerequisites Prerequisites vary according to language of study (major/minor), as listed below. For further information, contact breakout session instructor for language concerned. Those who wish to have prerequisites waived must bring written consent from language program coordinator or breakout session instructor. (NOTE: If you do not possess the needed prerequisites but still enroll in the class, by the time it is discovered during the breakout sessions, it will be too late to withdraw without receiving a “w” grade) C HINESE CHIN 311 or CHIN 312 (may be taken concurrently with either course) F RENCH FR 205, FR 215 and FR 216. FR 301 recommended as well as another upper division course such as FR 305 (NOTE: FR 305 may be taken concurrently) I TALIAN Completion of ITAL 104. J APANESE Completion of JAPN 301 and JAPN 302 S PANISH SPAN 216, SPAN 301 and SPAN 305 (NOTE: SPAN 305 is recommended and may be taken concurrently) Instructional Methods M AIN VS BREAKOUT SESSIONS : Main lectures are given in English, and reading materials for the main session will be in English.
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