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Study Guide for Ecology Portion of Midterm Chapter 34 Section 1 – Go over notes on this section Know the order of the 5 levels of ecological study Know differences between biotic and abiotic factors Section 2 - Read page 750 and 753; List which biomes are typical of polar, temperate, and tropical regions Section 3 - Read the entire section Review the chart you made in class You should be able to recognize where the 8 biomes are located and briefly describe each one (focus on large areas, ie: Sahara Desert or prairie in the US) Section 4 - skip Chapter 35 Section 1 - skip Section 2 -
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Unformatted text preview: you are responsible for all material in this section • Contrast J shaped and S shaped growth curves • Review your notes on this section • Know all vocab • Go over population growth cycles on page 773 Section 3 • read page 774. • Go over class exercise on human population Section 4 - • responsible for whole section except competitive exclusion • be able to define all terms on page 780 in text • Go over the worksheet on species relationships from class Chapter 36 Sections 1 & 2 (pages 788-793 only) • Review your notes from class • Know all vocab...
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