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Honors Biology Final Exam 2008-09: Topics for Review Note: this list is intended as a review guide and may not necessarily represent every single piece of information covered on the exam. Review you notes, book, labs, and chapter review guides carefully. In addition to the topics below, you may wish to print out a copy of the CP Bio final exam review. It includes additional questions on almost every topic we covered. You can print out a copy by clicking on the “CP Bio” section of my website. 1. (Intro through 12.4) Know the contributions made by the individuals on your DNA History timeline Describe the structure of DNA and explain how its structure relates to its function. 2. Chapter 13: From DNA to Protein (all) Differences between DNA and RNA. Roles of the different types of RNA in protein synthesis. Steps of transcription Modifications of mRNA in eukaryotes before it leaves the nucleus Steps in translation Different types of mutations (base-pair substitution, addition, deletion, etc) and their effects on proteins that are made. 3. Chapter 15: DNA Technology (Intro, 15.1, 15.3, 15.7) Explain the purpose of and steps involved in each of the following: o making recombinant DNA o Gel Electrophoresis o making genetically engineered plants. Be able to define / use each of the boldfaced words in the sections we covered.
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H_Bio_-_final_Exam_review_2008-09 - Honors Biology Final...

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