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H_Bio_-_midterm_review_2008-09 - Honors Biology Midterm...

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Honors Biology Midterm Review Guide 2007-2008 After you have organized your materials the following steps should help you prepare thoroughly for the midterm exam. 1. Take a first look through the material to identify topics that gave you trouble the first time around. Keep in mind what topics need extra attention as you ration out your study time. 2. Access the College Prep exam review guide (posted on my schoolwires page under “CP Bio”) for a comprehensive list of questions that should assess a basic understanding of most of the material we have covered. Be sure to answer the questions that correspond to each chapter you study. 3. Go over the quiz questions and flashcards on your books website if you need extra practice as you review. Another helpful website (with great tutorials) is www.thelifewire.com . 4. There are also a number of suggested review questions from your textbook in the chapter list below: Chapter 1: Introduction to Biology
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