KIC000009 - r The following is a detailed explanation of a...

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r I :1 I I I I j , i I II I , I i, i: i i :1 It , , , , , , I ,I The following is a detailed explanation of a sample entry in the Unit Price Section, Next to each bold number below is the described item with the appropriate component of the sample entry following in parentheses. Some prices are listed as bare costs; others as costs that include overhead and profit of the installing contractor ln most cases, if the work is to be subcontracted, the general contractor will need to add an additional markup (RSMeans suggests using 10%) to the figures in the column "Totol Incl. OeJJP." Description (Concrete In Place, etc.) Each line item is described in detail. Sub-items and additional sizes are indented beneath the appropriate line items. The first line or two after the main item [in boldface) may contain descriptive information that pertains to all line items beneath this boldface listing. Items which include the symbol eN are updated in The RSMeaus Quarterly Update Service online, To obtain access to this service contact RSMeans customer service at 1·800-334-3509. '1"11 Division Number/Title ~'J:~ (03 30/Cast-In-Place Concrete) ~"' Use the Unit Price Section Table of Contents to locate specific items. The sections are classified according to the CSI MasterFormat 2004 system. Reference Number Iniotmation I R033053I You'll see reference numbers shown in -so shaded boxes at the beginning of some sections. These refer to related items in the Reference Section, visually identified by a vertical gray bar on the page edges. . The relation may be an estimating procedure that sbould be read before estimating, or technical infonnation . The "R" designates the Reference Section, The numbers refer to the MasterFormat 2004 classification system. It is strongly recommended that you review all reference nnmbers that appear within the section in which you are working. Line Numbers (03 30 53.403920) Each unit price line item bas been assigned a unique 12·digit code based on the CSI MasterFormat classification. MasterFormat Division (03) ..-L--. .------- MasterFormat level 2 (03 30 DO) ,.... L--;:2. MaslerFormat Level 3 I I ,03 30 53.40 I 3920 L-'--"-----,L MasterFonnat Level 4 I LRSMe,n, 12-D,g,' line Number 4
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..... ------------------------------------------------ Crew (C-14C) The "Crew" column designates the typical trade or crew used to install the item. If an installation can be accomplished by one trade and requires no power equipment, that trade and the number of workers are listed [tor example, "2 Carpenters"]. If
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KIC000009 - r The following is a detailed explanation of a...

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