KIC000012 - plant described in Problem 1? Assume a 2.5%...

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! Problem 1 ConE 421 - Construction Estimating Lab Th ree - Conceptual Estimating II Fall 2010 50 Points Date: September 7, 2010 Due: September 13, 2010 A new environmentally safe and inexpensive process that converts organic refuse into jet fuel has been developed by Ames Laboratory scientists. The scientists have come to you with a list of equipment quantities and costs in order to build a pilot plant in Tacoma, Washington. Use appropriate Hand Factors to provide these scientists with a cost estimate for their plant at a 1Q14 timeframe. Assume a 3% inflation rate. Note that all tanks are prefabricated and that the costs provided are FOB vendor and based on 1Q10. 2 Process Tanks @ $850,000 Each 2 Raw Material Storage Tanks @ $400,00 Each 2 Product Storage Tanks @ $325,000 Each 1 Electric Motor @ $250,000 2 Centrifugal Pumps @ $100,00 Each 1 Furnace @ $125,000 1 Fan @ $50,000 3 Blenders @ $70,000 Each Problem 2 ----------------- Using the Lang factors and assuming a solid-fluid process, what is the cost of the pilot
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Unformatted text preview: plant described in Problem 1? Assume a 2.5% delivery charge. Explain the difference in your answers between the Hand and Lang solutions. Pagel Problem 3 Using the Factor estimating approach determine the cost of a new building where the major equipment cost is $900,000 , , '.'"~'iffif8i'i'-~ Excavation _ l~~~~~'. . . Problem 4 =--=---------Bear Oil iocated in Houston, TX built a plant capable of producing 200kBjday of Jet Fuel in 1993 (July) for $22,000,000, Another company built a similar plant capable of producing 150kBjday for $17,000,000 (July 1993) in Houston. Bear Archery is interested in building a plant capable of producing 400kBjday near Great Falls, Montana. Assume a cost basis of 3Q12 and a 4% annual inflation rate. Use the Scale of Operations method. Page 2 Prepare a unit price estimate for the West Town Apartments at January 1, 2010. Use city data for Des Moines, Iowa. Page 3...
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KIC000012 - plant described in Problem 1? Assume a 2.5%...

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