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1 1 I I J. ] ; .' SECTION 06100 ROUGH CARPENTRY I. PART 1 GENERAl. 1.I SECTION INCLUDES A. Concealed wood blocking, rough hardware, and dimension lumber. B. Structural roof framing, built-up structural members, and roof sheathing. C.. Engineered insulated roof panels. D. Related Sections: 04300 - Unit Masonry System 06200 - Finish Carpentry 08212 . Prefinished Wood Doors 08510 - Metal Windows 08710 - Finish Hardware 10005 - Miscellaneous Specialities E. General Requirement: Work and/or materials included in this Section subject to all provisions established in Division I - General requirements. 1.2 QUALITY ASSURANCE A: Plywood Grading Agency: Certified by APA and US Product Standard PS (1-83), with each piece bearing a grade stamp stating same. B. Lumber Grading rules and species: 1. U.S. Department of Commerce, PS 2Q.70. 2. Western Wood Products Association.(WWPA). 3. Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) . . 4. Northern Hardwood and Pine Manufacturers Association (NHPMA). C. Plywood grading rules and recommendations: I. For softwood plywood: U.S. Department of Commerce PS 1-83. 2 .. For hardwood plywood: U.S. Department of CommerceP'S 51-80. 3. American Plywood Association (APA). D. Factory marking: I. Identify type, grade, moisture content, inspection service, producing mill, and other qualities. 2. Marking may be omitted if certificate of inspection-is provided for each Shipment. E.
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