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Executive Summary Psychology majors on the path of receiving their BA degree focus on studying the environmental factors of behaviors. Major requirements involve earning a minimum of 35 credits in Psychology. The UMD Department of Psychology offers two primary opportunities in addition to its regular curriculum. These opportunities include internships and independent studies. PSYC386 is an experiential learning program that offers academic credits in exchange for hours worked in an internship. The problems with the PSYC386 program are not giving enough credits in exchange for hours worked in the internship, not offering more than 6 credits for the internship, and not allowing the credits to go towards the major requirements. The Department should modify the program to give more credits per hours worked in the internship and offer up to 15 credits for the internship, in which 3 of those credits may go towards major requirements. PSYC478 and PSYC479 are independent study programs that offer academic
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