Introduction - 1.0.0 Introduction 1.1.0 Background The...

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1.0.0 Introduction 1.1.0 Background The Department of Psychology is a program in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS). It is an undergraduate major that studies human behavior as well as the behavior of other living organisms. It also studies the biological and environmental factors that impact these behaviors. The Department revolves around quantitative methods and research. The Psychology program branches into two sections; one of which lends itself to the biological characteristics of behavior, and the other of which lends itself to the environmental factors of behavior. Students who choose to pursue the former of these branches are guided towards a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree while those who choose to pursue the latter are guided towards a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. This proposal will focus on the pathway to a BA degree. The requirements for the Psychology Limited Enrollment Program (LEP) Admission and for the Psychology Undergraduate Program recently changed in Fall 2009. These new requirements pertain to: - Freshmen Direct Admits - Transfer Admission Requirements - Course Requirements - Audit of Degree Requirements These requirements do not apply to those students admitted to the program prior to Fall 2009. Those students may continue to follow the old requirements. These requirements include the series of Introductory Psychology, Mathematics, and Lab Science course required for Academic Review (APR). They also include a completion of at least 11 Psychology courses totaling to a minimum of 35 credits. Degree Components Advising Resources BSOS Advising Department Advising
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General questions, registration, exceptions to University policy, academic probation, limited enrollment questions, graduation concerns Major requirements and courses, registration, internships, career questions, department permission for courses 2148 Tydings Hall (301) 405 – 1697 [email protected] 1107 Biology-Psychology Building (301) 405 – 5866 [email protected] 1.2.0 Opportunities The Department of Psychology offers many supplemental opportunities for undergraduate majors to expand their experience in the field. Three primary opportunities in addition to the regular curriculum include: - Research - Internships - Independent Study 1.2.1 Research There are many research opportunities for psychology majors. The Department strongly encourages undergraduate students to take advantage of these opportunities especially if they aspire to undergo a graduate degree in psychology. Students can find research positions on campus by: (1) contacting a Psychology advisor for recent research postings in which the Undergraduate Psychology Office distributes every semester and (2) learning about faculty research projects through classes and then approaching individual faculty members and graduate students with whom they share common research interests. 1.2.2
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Introduction - 1.0.0 Introduction 1.1.0 Background The...

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