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MEMORANDUM - open for both sporting and musical events As a...

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MEMORANDUM To: Prof. Crider From: Group #11 Matthew Fullerton, Andrew Garavito, and Casey Gresh Date: March 9, 2011 Subject: Comparative Analysis of The two websites that we chose are the Verizon Center: http://www.verizoncenter.com website and the 930 Club: http://www.930.com website. Each serves to inform its viewers of its respective venue. Both advertise popular concert arenas in the Washington, D.C. area in similar yet different ways. They function as windows to show their audiences what they have to present in the simplest approach possible. Both aim to do so in a manner that is concise and manageable, while still stylish and appealing to the audience. They are targeted towards adults and young adults who are interested in the events that they have to offer. While both are entertainment venues, the 930 Club is specified towards musical performances of both thriving and famous artists and bands, while the Verizon Center is
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Unformatted text preview: open for both sporting and musical events. As a result, the 930 Club not only provides entertainment for its audiences, but it also provides a means for up and coming artists and bands to increase their status and make themselves known. Furthermore, the purpose of its site is to show the viewers what events are coming up as well as to advertise these rising musicians to the public. Alternately, the Verizon Center is a bigger venue regarding space, reputation, and performances. So, the site is more complex and more intricate. Both websites for both entertainment venues include schedules of their respective events, contact information, directions and location, and access to tickets for events. Relatively, the 930 Club website is simpler in its search system and sub-sites. Likewise, the Verizon Center website is comprised of more categories and subsequently more sub-categories....
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