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PersonalStatement - Casey Gresh February 7 2011 English 393...

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Casey Gresh February 7, 2011 English 393 My Journey Through Psychology Audience : My audience is the supervisors of the Cornerstone Clinic at the John Hopkins Bayview Center. Cornerstone is a substance abuse center that solely treats outpatients. Specifically, am writing to Michelle Tuten, the Director of the clinic. I first encountered psychology as a course in school when I was a senior in high school at Mount de Sales Academy for Girls in Catonsville, Maryland. The class was Advanced Placement Psychology and as a basic introduction, it intrigued me. I went on to ace the end-of-year exam, subsequently earning college credit for the course, which exempted me from Psychology 100 at the University of Maryland (UMD). Since I was very interested in the subject and already had a foot in the door before even starting my freshman year of college, I chose psychology as my major in Fall 2008. Over the past three years I have taken an array of upper-level psychology courses, transforming my slight interest for the topic into a full-blown passion. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have taken classes ranging from Adult Pathology to Behavioral Pharmacology to Communication and Persuasion. These classes have
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