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Casey Gresh ENGL393 Prof. Crider Request for Proposal Cooperative Program for Psychology I. The General Goals I would like to propose an extensive cooperative program for University of Maryland (UMD) students that are psychology majors on the path of receiving their Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology degree. The department of psychology requires that psychology majors take a number of courses including a minimum of twelve psychology courses, a non-psychology laboratory course, a supporting mathematics course, an introduction to writing course, and a professional writing course, as well as core courses and advanced core courses. Included in the twelve psychology courses, the psychology majors must take at least thirty-five credits worth of any psychology courses offered at UMD. Interestingly, of these thirty-five credits, this may not include two of the only individual instruction courses offered in the psychology department. This means that even if a psychology major student takes either of these two individual instruction courses, they will not count as credit towards that student’s psychology degree. These individual instruction courses involve the student receiving between one and three credit hours for an internship that he/she has obtained pertaining to the major. I am aware that many fields of study offer a cooperative program for students as they approach their undergraduate degree. I believe that the department of psychology would greatly benefit in taking part in such a program. Such a program will offer students of the psychology major an experience that is pertinent to establishing a career and/or being admitted to graduate school after receiving a Bachelor’s degree. The fact that the department does offer courses of individual instruction is a step in the right direction, however the fact that it does not offer credit for the courses as a part of the major is not encouraging. Students do not want to take a course for an internship that will not earn them credits for their major. This proposal simply requests that the department of
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RFP - Gresh 1 Casey Gresh ENGL393 Prof Crider Request for...

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