3473-11 HW 5 - 0.05 1.00 2 of 2 What is the standard heat...

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1 of 2 CHE 3473 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Fall 2011 Homework #5 Due: Wed, 9/28/2011 Five problems, 15 points total. 1) (3 pts) The benzene recovery column in the detergent manufacturing process (handout on first day of class) produces a saturated benzene vapor stream which is condensed and subcooled in heat exchanger H-2. For this problem, the process is operating at different conditions than shown in the class handout. The diagram below shows the revised operating conditions. What is the cooling water outlet temperature (°F) for the service indicated? Generate your answer using methods and correlations provided in our text (don’t use Perry’s, Chemcad, or constant values for C p ). 2) (3 pts) A vent gas stream is burned as fuel in a refinery process furnace. The composition of the gas is as follows: Component mole fraction Hydrogen 0.10 Hydrogen sulfide 0.02 Methane 0.67 Ethane 0.16 Ethylene
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Unformatted text preview: 0.05 1.00 2 of 2 What is the standard heat of combustion for this stream (J/mol) assuming air (79 mol % N 2 , 21 mol % O 2 ) is used as the oxidant with 5 % excess air in the combustion products? Provide answers on both a higher heating value (HHV) and lower heating value (LHV) basis. 3) (3 pts) The vent gas stream described in Problem 2 is used as fuel to a process furnace. What is the fuel gas consumption rate (MMSCFD) when the heat duty provided by the furnace is 8.3 MMBtu/hr? The fuel gas and combustion air enter the furnace at 85 °F. The combustion gases leave at 995 °F. The furnace is operated with 5 % excess air. The furnace is insulated and we assume zero heat loss through the furnace walls. 4) (3 pts) What is the annual fuel cost for the furnace in Problem 3 if fuel is valued at 4.25 $/MMBtu (HHV basis)? Assume the furnace operates 95 % of the year. 5) (3 pts) Problem 4.32 in SVNA7...
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3473-11 HW 5 - 0.05 1.00 2 of 2 What is the standard heat...

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