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3473-11 Lecture Outline 1 - 4. Distribute HW #0. 5....

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1 – 1 of 1 CHE 3473 – Fa11 Whiteley Lecture 1 (8/22/11) Assigned Reading Course administration and introductory -- remarks Assignments Handouts (on web unless stated otherwise) HW #0 distributed; due Fri, Aug 26 Course syllabus Lecture 1 Outline PFD for detergent manufacturing process Note : All handouts for Lecture 1 will be distributed in class since this is the first time we are meeting. In the future, you will need to download the handouts from the course website. Outline 1. Welcome back! 2. Confirm everyone is enrolled correctly and on the class roster. 3. Review syllabus and schedule.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Distribute HW #0. 5. Suggested work habits. 6. Perspectives on chemical engineering and the role of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics in the practice of chemical engineering. Key Concepts 1. Course conduct defined by syllabus; intent is to insure that everyone is treated the same. 2. Class begins at 8:30 am. 3. Almost anything can be handled in advance, nothing after the fact. 4. Transition from student to engineer. 5. Lectures supplement the text, not vice-versa. Key Skills 1. Time management. 2. Work and study in small groups....
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