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5 – 1 of 1 CHE 3473 – Fa11 Whiteley Lecture 5 (8/31/11) Assigned Reading Foundation concepts - continued Smith, Van Ness, Abbott 7 th ed. (SVNA7) Ch. 1 – 2 Assignments Handouts (on web unless stated otherwise) HW #1 due HW #2 assigned; due Wed, Sep 7 Outline 1. Reversibility 2. Ideal gas and ideal solution 3. Energy equivalence 4. First law of thermodynamics Key Concepts 1. A multi-phase mixture is in equilibrium when i) the pressure in all phases is the same (mechanical equilibrium), ii) the temperature in all phases is the same (thermal equilibrium), and iii) the chemical potentials of a component are the same in all phases (no mass transfer occurs between phases). 2. Each phase in a mixture at equilibrium is “saturated.”
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Saturated vapor: vapor in equilibrium with a saturated liquid. A saturated vapor will start to condense if i) the system pressure is increased, or ii) any heat is removed from the system. 4. Saturated liquid: liquid in equilibrium with a saturated vapor. A saturated liquid will partially vaporize (flash) if i) the pressure is reduced, or ii) any heat is added to the system. 5. Ideal liquid: incompressible and has zero viscosity. 5. Ideal gas: no intermolecular forces between molecules of the gas. 6. Ideal solution: all molecules interact in the same fashion regardless of the type of molecule. Key Skills 1.--...
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