3473-11 Lecture Outline 14

3473-11 Lecture Outline 14 - Fig 3.15 on p 104 4...

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14 – 1 of 3 CHE 3473 – Fa11 Whiteley Lecture 14 (9/23/11) Assigned Reading Real gas PVT behavior Smith, Van Ness, Abbott 7 th ed. (SVNA7) Ch. 3, pp. 87 - 99 Assignments Handouts (on web unless stated otherwise) HW 5 due Wed, Sep 28 Outline 1. Detailed heat effects path diagram 2. Ideal gas equation of state (EOS) 3. Virial equations of state 4. Generic cubic equation of state 5. Theorem of corresponding states: two-parameter and three parameter versions 6. Pitzer accentric factor, ω Key Concepts 1. Why are there so many equations of state? What makes one better than another? 2. For practical purposes, we can assume ideal gas behavior when 0.98 < Z < 1.02. 3. The ideal-gas law can be used to estimate gas densities within approximately 2 % error when the reduced temperature and pressure lie to the right and below the lines drawn in
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Unformatted text preview: Fig. 3.15 on p. 104. 4. SRK (Soave/Redlich/Kwong) and PR (Peng/Robinson) equations of state were developed specifically for vapor/liquid equilibrium calculations. 5. SRK and PR are heavily utilized in process simulation involving traditional, non-associating hydrocarbons (e.g., natural gas processing). Key Skills 1. Calculating specific volumes using equations of state. 2. Ability to distinguish meaningful roots (specific volumes) for cubic equations of state. 14 – 2 of 3 CHE 3473 – Fa11 Whiteley Figure 3.14 Figure 3.15 14 – 3 of 3 CHE 3473 – Fa11 Whiteley Generalized Compressibility Chart Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics, Second Edition G.J. Van Wylen and R.E. Sonntag Wiley, 1973, Fig. A.8, p. 708...
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3473-11 Lecture Outline 14 - Fig 3.15 on p 104 4...

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