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20 – 1 of 1 CHE 3473 – Fa11 Whiteley Lecture 20 (10/7/11) Assigned Reading Generalized property correlations for Smith, Van Ness, Abbott 7 th ed. (SVNA7) gases, general procedure for calculation Ch. 6, pp. 230 – 240 of U , H , and S for liquids and real gases Assignments Handouts (on web unless stated otherwise) HW 7 due Wed, 10/12 Residual_property_calculation_example.pdf Outline 1. Generalized property correlations for gases a. Lee and Kesler correlation b. Generalized second-virial-coefficient correlation 2. Extension of generalized property correlations to gas mixtures 3. Example 4. General procedure for calculation of U , H ,and S for liquids and real gases at any temperature and pressure Key Concepts 1. The generalized property correlations for gases provide a method to predict H R and S R from knowledge of T c , P c , and ω for nonpolar, non-associating gases. The concept is based on the theory of corresponding states and leverages the fact that H R
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