3013-11 Lecture 1 - Introduction

3013-11 Lecture 1 - Introduction - 4 Perspectives on...

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CHE 3013 – Fall 11 1 of 1 Smay Lecture 1 Introduction Assignments Hw-0 assigned, Due Friday, August 26 Assigned Reading Handouts (on D2L unless stated otherwise) 3013-10 Syllabus.pdf 3013-10 Schedule.pdf Homework Commumication Guidelines.pdf Outline 1. Welcome! 2. Review syllabus and schedule 3. Suggested work habits
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Perspectives on chemical engineering Key Concepts 1. Course conduct outlined in syllabus 2. Communication – instructor/student and student/instructor 3. Lectures supplement the textbook, handouts, and other resources 4. Transition from student to engineer Key Skills 1. Time management...
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