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3013-11 Lecture 5 - Flow Past Immersed Objects 2

3013-11 Lecture 5 - Flow Past Immersed Objects 2 - and...

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CHE 3013 – Fall 11 1 of 1 Smay Lecture 5 Flow Past Immersed Objects 2 Assignments Hw-2 Due Friday, September 2 Assigned Reading none Handouts (on D2L unless stated otherwise) Flow Past Immersed Objects.pdf Outline 1. Flow through beds of solids 2. Fixed beds 3. Characteristics of bed of solids 4. Pressue drop across fixed beds – laminar flow 5. Pressue drop across fixed beds – turbulent flow 6. Ergun equation 7. Fluidized beds Key Concepts 1. Properties of fixed beds and relationships between properties, i.e. porosity, bulk density,
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Unformatted text preview: and particle density 2. Flow regime is defined in terms of a particle Reynolds number 3. Analogy between friction factors for packed beds and flow in conduits 4. A bed of solids is fluidized when the pressure drop across the bed exceeds the weight of the bed per unit cross-sectional area Key Skills 1. Explain the basic concepts of fluid flow in beds of solids 2. Calculate pressure drop across fixed beds of solids 3. Discuss some unit operations and processes that involve beds of solids...
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