3013-11 Lecture 7 - Transportation and Metering of Fluids 2

3013-11 Lecture 7 - Transportation and Metering of Fluids 2...

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CHE 3013 – Fall 11 1 of 1 Smay Lecture 7 Transportation and Metering of Fluids 2 Assignments Hw-3 assigned. Due Monday, September 12 Assigned Reading Chapter 8, pp 464-470 of Munson, et al. Loss Coefficients – Darby 3K Method Handouts (on D2L unless stated otherwise) Outline 1. Continue discussion of piping systems from Lecture 6 2. Loss coefficients – CRANE and Darby 3K methods 3. Fluid meters 4. Loss coefficients for orifices Key Concepts 1. Differences between pipe and tubing.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Turbulence in fittings is usually higher than straight pipe of the same size. 3. Differences between common fluid metering systems. 4. Recoverable and non-recoverable pressure loss. Key Skills 1. Apply the mechanical energy balance to analyse piping systems. 2. Estimate friction losses for pipe and fittings friction factors, loss coefficients, and equivalent length. 3. Size an orifice meter and estimate permanent pressure loss....
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