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3013-11 Lecture 11 - Introduction to Heat Transfer

3013-11 Lecture 11 - Introduction to Heat Transfer - Key...

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CHE 3013 – Fall 11 1 of 1 Smay Lecture 11 Intorduction to Heat Transfer Assignments Homework 4 Due Monday, September 19 Assigned Reading Chapter 1, Incropera, et al. Handouts (on D2L unless stated otherwise) None Outline 1. Introduction to Heat Transfer 2. Modes of Heat Transfer Conduction Convection Radiation 3. 1 st Law of Thermodynamics 4. Conservation of energy at a boundary
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Unformatted text preview: Key Concepts 1. Three basic modes of heat transfer 2. Thermodynamic properties – internal energy and enthalpy. 3. Steady-state and transient energy balances. Key Skills 1. Explain the basic mechanisms of conduction, convection, and radiation. 2. Explain the conversion of types of energy – internal energy, kinetic energy, potential energy....
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