3013-11 Lecture 14 - Steady State Conduction-Numerical Solutions

3013-11 Lecture 14 - Steady State Conduction-Numerical Solutions

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CHE 3013 – Fall 11 1 of 1 Smay Lecture 14 Steady-State Conduction-Numerical Solutions Assignments Hw-6 Assigned, Due Monday, October 3 Assigned Reading Chapter 5 (Section 5.7) and Chapter 4 (Section 4.4), Incropera, et al. Handouts (on D2L unless stated otherwise) Finite-Difference Example – Array Formulas in Excel.pdf Outline 1. Semi-infinite solid – Analytical Solution 2. Finite-difference methods
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Example One-dimensional conduction with internal generation Key Concepts 1. Physical processes can be approximated with a grid of finite cells 2. Taylor series approximations of functions Key Skills 1. Approximate first and second derivatives with finite differences 2. Formulate finite difference equations 3. Express boundary conditions with finite difference equations...
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