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HW Communication Grading Guidelines - Fa11 - School of...

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1 of 3 School of Chemical Engineering Fall 2011 Grading Policy – Homework Communication Quality The Engineering Discourse “ . . . a kind of ‘identity kit’ that includes specific ‘knowledge, costumes, and expectations on how to act, talk, and write so as to [exhibit] a particular role that others in the Discourse will recognize.” – James Paul Gee Technical communication is an essential element of our chemical engineering discourse, and there are expectations for form and content of communicating the solution of technical problems. There will be differences between discourses, but the guidelines presented here are typical of those encountered in engineering problem solving. Guidelines for Documenting Problem Solutions Within the context of documenting problem solutions, a question that arises is “Who will use the results?” In professional practice, there are several individuals or groups who rely on the results of technical calculations to make decisions. Activities may involve independent reproduction or checking of numerical calculations, verifying assumptions, and making technical and business decisions based on the solution. Thus, the primary objective of problem solution documentation is communication and not a final numerical value . To participate in the discourse, we must conform to certain elements of style, clarity, and content in both written and verbal communications. The following five steps represent the guidelines for documenting problem solutions in all CHE courses. 1. Schematic –
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HW Communication Grading Guidelines - Fa11 - School of...

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