Piping Systems

Piping Systems - Piping Systems 30-Aug-2010 1 of 10 Piping...

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Unformatted text preview: Piping Systems.pdf 30-Aug-2010 1 of 10 Piping Systems Purpose: Fluid “highway” between equipment Key Performance Criteria: No Leaks or overpressure failure (maintain containment) Cost effective Material compatibility Maintenance considerations Process Engineer specifies: Line size, nominal or OD Flow conditions, m , P, T, etc. Fluid compositions (for material compatibility) Location (and type when important) of valves Mechanical Engineer/Piping Designer specifies: Pipe class Materials of construction (MOC) Mechanical details such as types of valves, flanges, connections, etc. Layout Considerations – see Plant Layout and Piping.pdf handout Piping Systems.pdf 30-Aug-2010 2 of 10 Piping Systems Ethyl P&ID (piping and instrumentation drawing) shows: Mechanical details of the process All lines connecting equipment – size and type All valves, fittings, reducers, flanges, unions You will learn how to develop a P&ID in senior design course. Isometric Drawings: Three-dimensional drawing of a line, part of a line, equipment arrangement, etc. Pro-Quip Piping Standards (representative of industry) Service Primary flange rating Design conditions Pipe schedule Pipe etc. etc....
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Piping Systems - Piping Systems 30-Aug-2010 1 of 10 Piping...

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