ChE 3333 Exam I - Fall 2010

ChE 3333 Exam I - Fall 2010 - CHENG 3333 - Exam I October...

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Page 1 of 8 CHENG 3333 - Exam I October 7, 2010 Prof. High Name _________________________ Instructions: • Write your name on this page, and initial the top right-hand corner of every subsequent page of the test. • Do not start working until you get instructions from the Instructor to do so. • There are four problems of equal point values. • Open book and open notes • Keep your eyes on your own paper: no peeking. • Please stop writing when directed to stop by the Instructor. • READ FIRST, THINK NEXT, WRITE LAST! 1. ______/25 2. ______/25 3. ______/25 4. ______/25 Total______/100
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Page 2 of 8 1) a) (18pts) Complete the table below that summarizes the constitutive equations for momentum transport, energy conduction and mass diffusivity Momentum Energy Conduction Mass Diffusion Driving force for transport y dv dx dx dT A dx dx Proportionality constant k -c D AB Overall constitutive equation dx dv y yx (A) x dT qk dx  (B) , A A x AB dx J cD dx (C) b) (7 pts) Using clear, concise statements with proper grammar, describe the similarities and differences between momentum, energy and mass transport. The three transport phenomena, momentum transport, energy transport, and mass transport are all related. All three can involve transport by convection and molecular transport. In regard to transport by molecular diffusion, the three phenomena proceed by the movement of molecules combined with the corresponding transport of momentum, energy and mass, by molecular motion.
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ChE 3333 Exam I - Fall 2010 - CHENG 3333 - Exam I October...

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