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Grading System - Dr Ausman will be his responsibility This...

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Chemistry 3433 – Physical Chemistry I Part II - Grading System Fall 2011 1. GRADING SCALE : The following grading scale will be utilized to determine a student’s final grade in this course. An “F” can also be earned through academic dishonesty. The responsibility of assigning grades is solely up to Dr. Materer. If a dispute over a homework/quiz grade occurs between a TA and a student, Dr. Materer reserves the right to make the final decision. In addition, the TA has no authority to discuss a student’s grade. The section of this course lectured by
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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Ausman will be his responsibility. This includes a compened of the tird exam and the final. Grade Percent A 88.0 – 100. B 76.0 – 87.9 C 64.0 – 75.9 D 52.0 – 63.9 F 00.0 – 51.9 2. GRADING SYSTEM : The following is breakdown of the point system that will be used in this course. Graded Work Points/Each Total Three Hour-long Examinations 100 300 One Final Examination 200 200 Problem Sets 30* 300 (Lowest Score will be Dropped) TOTAL 800 * Can change if we assign fewer problems sets. Total number of points will remain the same....
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