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highbrow and middlebrow out 3 - AMS 2030 Belgrad HIGHBROW...

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AMS 2030 Belgrad HIGHBROW AND MIDDLEBROW I. Postwar intellectual life Made their living writing and selling their books Paying higher salaries to people who are educated The result is that the nature of intellectual life changes to accommodate this move into the university Become the “organizational man” Takes certain qualities to become a part of the university A. The knowledge industry Trying to maintain identity within new corporate environment B. Cultural critique Focusing on new theoretical approaches to American Studies Idea that there are researchers within the university, but not really “in” it because they are culturally critiquing it. They are staying outside as a loyal opposition to the mainstream current of the culture Get the idea of cultural critique from the Europeans European intellectuals come to America. Mainly Jewish intellectuals. They are theoretically orientated (Einstein) How American intellectuals define themselves. Just because they are collecting university salaries, they are still containing a critical mindset II. Highbrow versus Middlebrow A way of defining yourself as a member of the elite People who followed cultural belief or recent culture are middlebrow Talking about how these things weren’t really culture > (ex. Cosmo magazine) Highbrow: Classic style, high concept. Reaching for inspiration
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highbrow and middlebrow out 3 - AMS 2030 Belgrad HIGHBROW...

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