2 - SWOT Analysis sonic-s: Kmnah Andrus. Harv-id Also....

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Unformatted text preview: SWOT Analysis sonic-s: Kmnah Andrus. Harv-id Also. ‘WI: In! Cowman"- W by Hohhot Ind WWII E. Shrader — Mmunem )7 7 SWOT Internal Factors Strengths Weaknesses External Fggtors Opportunities Threats External and Internal Analysis lMemnl MIMlI -Gurrenl mm -and pouer vCasi strum” -R&D pipeline .‘rm' wmmfi Scintillation: ._.s.. fifi____1 2/15/2010 SWOT Strategy formation is a process of conception: the outcome of thinking, using a very simple model. At the heart oi it Is the SWOT diagnostic. SWOT requires the executive to think initially about two streams: an external appraisal and an internal appraisal... Definitions Strengths are capabilities that enable your company to perform well. Weaknesses are characteristics that prohibit your company from performing well. Opportunities are trends. forces, and events your firm can capitalize on. Threats are possible events or forces outside of your control that your company needs to plan for or decides how to mitigate (make less intense or severe). What Are the Company/s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ? - SWOTrepreseMstheiirstimerin — Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities — T hreals - Fmacompanysstnmgyto heaven-mum, a must he — Much-d to in mute ctr-mm Imi um . Aim nupwyinginbanuvkui Wins-rid muted-mas a'IlnR Maul min-ma inwaan e——___1 2/15/2010 wins in Imi- [or in ldmifilu; a (rimpang 's Strengths, \i'caimnm. Oppnnurullin. and Tirrmn Threats What can diminish industry profitability? amwirwwmmrmawk's tearvarMIu'mmlwm [mm-m: inlfirl'rfl‘fl‘i Mamw Newman-sum _ _ l ’ . Wenmfiumrm . mmammnmmm Government mtervenhon? . Sefilwqm'fldkwr‘ntmmm’spm rub-«mimxwilrrem . - hagmmcumwgupummgsm I fimwurwwm New cumpfiltorS? I mewmnnmsgmuu c Lliayu‘h‘rirw‘hmm . iaflmhmmlilmr'fllflm; o LMXMWEISMMM . . What changes might impact the firm? mmwrmmmmsymzwisz. ma. ' _ _ _ I a Ulwdfil - AMwWWMlmmhw Are exrstrng competitors capable of dlsruptlng . "mummy... menus-whim things? a Fmrnummumrawnam: t mmvrmmmm ’ . Amwmlwammmin ' mmnmwuwaw Mum macaw. Wm u [mgwnwmapnmumm I Mmmkmwmm emi‘e'inl's mama um)?! r in; n: WM . Ware-fish Mammy-r Process for applying the technique: The Steps 0f SWOT Mail/Sis - List strengths, weaknesses, npporlunities and threats. I Identify fit between internal capabilities and external environment. — Match strengths with opportunities - Emnhislle, expand,grew.eln. - Identify weaknesses with opporlunttles ' Devliopmuiidmmduuammauu, m. — Match strengths with threats ' Diversify. consider, Inllelplil. etc. - Link weaknesses with threats - Sell. quh, mu: away, munch. me. SWOT The analysis seems to work and Is easy to undertake and to understand. Considered by cansuitams to be a rimeiy, useiul, and resource efficient form of matey: analysis. But the model gives little guidance on how to evaluate parllcular strenslhs, weaknesses. opportunities and threats. Consequently, managers must be willing and able to combine analysis and intuition. ...
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2 - SWOT Analysis sonic-s: Kmnah Andrus. Harv-id Also....

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