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Unformatted text preview: spring 2011 - video editing - a. kraus - comm 360 “Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level...but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does.” - Walter Murch Course Description This is a three-credit class designed to teach both theory and technical expertise in the discipline of video editing. The course will cover both aesthetics and technical skills used by professional video editors today. This course will utilize Apple computers and Final Cut Pro Studio 2. Teaching Methods Please note this is primarily a hands-on course. However, a variety of teaching methods will be used: technical lecture, class discussion, and open counseling. Course Objectives To understand basic editing techniques. To understand how to use Final Cut Pro Studio 2. To introduce the student to basic story-telling techniques. To provide students with knowledge to complete their own Film/TV projects. To provide students with knowledge to obtain an editing job in the Film/TV industry. To develop confidence in the students ability to edit. To understand the importance of proper setup and organization of editing files. To understand the role of a professional video editor. Course Expectations If you are not in attendance it will be impossible to participate. Therefore, your level of attendance will have a significant effect on your class participation grade. You are expected to contribute to class discussions, take part in class demonstrations, and offer constructive criticism during playback of class assignments. In addition to being in class, you are required to take notes. Prior to each class you must go to Blackboard and print the corresponding class outline. These outlines will provide you with a “blue print” of what we are doing in class and contain assignment information for the following weeks. Periodically through out the semester, I will ask to see these outlines with your notes added to them. Each student will be given assignments outside of class. These assignments are due when they are due. No late work. These assignments are an essential part of the your success and development in this course. video editing -comm 360 - a. kraus - spring 2011 syllabus 1 spring 2011 - video editing - a. kraus - comm 360 Course Expectations - Continued Each student is expected to be present for both the midterm and final. Only under special circumstances will other arrangements be made. Required Texts/Suggested Reading/Course Materials In lieu of a required text you will need to purchase an external firewire hard drive. The hard drive can either be bought in the GMU computer store located in the JC or from a vendor online. If you choose to purchase them online, please visit Blackboard for hard drive specifications and/or links to the vendor. The primary text for this class will be the Final Cut Pro (FCP) User’s Manual. The FCP Manual is also on Blackboard. In addition to the FCP Manual, reading assignments may also come in the form of articles from well-known post magazines to viewing/listening to post production podcast. All material will be on Blackboard and assigned on a weekly basis. I also encourage you to utilize the “Film 411” section in Blackboard, which I have created for you. The information is yours for the taking. Expendables 5 DVD-R Office Hours My office is located in Innovation Hall, Room # 441. I have office hours on Monday from 9 AM till noon and am also available via appointment throughout the week. My contact info is as follows: Amanda Kraus e-mail - e-mail - I also can be reached via phone at 703-993-4592. If it is an urgent matter or a “tech support” question you are welcome to try me on my cell at 818-795-3317. video editing -comm 360 - a. kraus - spring 2011 syllabus 2 spring 2011 - video editing - a. kraus - comm 360 Topical Outline Of Course Content Week Date Subject 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1/24/11 1/31/11 2/07/11 2/14/11 2/21/11 2/28/11 3/07/11 3/14/11 3/21/11 3/28/11 4/04/11 4/11/11 4/18/11 5/02/11 5/09/11 5/16/11 Introduction to Video Editing/Proper Setup/General Layout Importing Media/Logging/Capturing Footage/Basic Cutting Basic Cutting Methods Continued (Audio/Split/Multicam) Short Keys/Effects Editing Aesthetics & Editing Techniques Editing Aesthetics Part 2 – Midterm Review Midterm Test Spring Break – No Class Soundtrack Pro (Bring Headphones) DVD Authoring/Compressor Rough Cut Project 1 Due/Class Review Project 1 Due Motion Motion Part 2 Working Lab – Optional Final Projects Due Grading Again, students are responsible for all lectures, reading materials, projects and instructions given. All assignments must be completed on time. No late work. Breakdown of Grading Class Participation/Assignments = 25% Midterm = 25% Project 1 = 25% Final = 25% Grading Scale A+ = 97-100 A = 93-96 A- = 90-92 B+ = 87-89 B = 83-86 B- = 80-82 C+ C D F = = = = 77-79 70-76 60-69 0-59 video editing -comm 360 - a. kraus - spring 2011 syllabus 3 spring 2011 - video editing - a. kraus - comm 360 Lab Time All students are responsible for signing up for STAR/Student Video Center lab time. It is a good idea to sign up in advance for an editing station. It is important to note that STAR/Student Video Center edit stations fill quickly, especially at the end of the semester. Policy Statements The GMU Honor Code applies to all students. The entire text of the code is available in the University Catalog and/or online at the GMU website. Syllabus/Topical Outline Changes Any and all changes will be announced in class and reflected in the weekly course outlines on Blackboard. General Information STAR - Student Technology Assistance and Resource Center JC 229/703-993-8990/ Hours = Monday – Thursday 10 to 10/Friday 10 to 6/Sunday 12 to 7 Edit stations are available for sign-up by students on a first come first serve basis. SVC - Student Video Center is located in the bottom floor of King Hall. Reservations for edit time can only be made in person. You may e-mail for lab hours and information. Special Note If you have special needs for this class because of a disability, please inform me of those needs within the first session of class, or within two weeks of diagnosis. You may also contact GMU’s Disability Resource Center for further needs. video editing -comm 360 - a. kraus - spring 2011 syllabus 4 ...
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