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All About the SUPER GREENIES [email protected] An environmentally-friendly mentality has moved from being a trendy attribute to a way of life. Marketers have taken notice by offering more green focused goods and services. Many auto manufacturers have at least one hybrid vehicle model, and green messaging permeates campaigns regularly. While everyone seems to be on the green bandwagon in one way or another, there is a subset of the environmentally friendly who are setting the landscape for the entire movement. According to Scarborough, five percent of the adult population are “Super Greenies” - those adults who engage in 10 or more green activities, such as recycling, using rechargeable batteries or re-using grocery store bags. These Super Greenies are high-income, high-spending consumers who purchase luxury items and lead active lifestyles. Further, they are using the Internet for local information - from basic information on the weather to seeking out local businesses. This report from Scarborough examines their lifestyles, luxury tastes, and local interests, and provides ideas on how to target the Super Green. Scarborough measures American Life, capturing consumer and media research for the marketing and media industries. Scarborough examines the luxury tastes, online interests, local makeup, lifestyles and media usage of America’s most environmentally friendly consumers.
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consumers tend to be members of Generation X, are well-educated, and take their finances seriously. Not only are Super Greenies more likely than the average adult to be among the country’s top income earners, but they also are more likely to have a diversity of household investments. Further, they pack a supersized education, and many have advanced degrees. MARKETING TIP: As the banking industry continues to seek new ways to expand business, despite the ongoing turmoil in the markets, financial marketers can think green. The robust investment and financial profiles of Super Greenies suggest that green-oriented messaging and marketing can help banks connect with this consumer group on a personal level. Generation X Dominates for Super Greenies (Index) 92 118 110 Generation Y Generation X Baby Boomers Super Greenies Pack Supersized Educations (Index) 186 243 College Grad or Higher Post-Graduate Degree Wealthy and Wise: The Super Greenie Demographic Profile Household Investment Profile (Index) Money Market Account Mutual Funds Stocks or Stock Options 180 179 174 171 159 Household Income Profile (Index) $150K+ HHLD Income $100K+ HHLD Income Home Value $500K+ Own Second Home 176 159 191 160 2 HOW TO READ: Super Greenies are 60% more likely than all adults nationally to own a second home. IRA
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scarborough-study-greenies-green-consumers - All About the...

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