Math Syllabus - Course Syllabus MTH 132 (Section 002)...

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1 Course Syllabus MTH 132 (Section 002) Spring 2011 Instructor: Doowon Koh Office: A344 in Wells Hall Phone: (517) 353-6882 E-mail: (* If you want to contact with your instructor by e-mail, you can only use the e-mail address above. Please avoid using any other e-mail address) Office hours: 10:20am-11:50 am on Monday, Wednesday or by appointment Class time: 09:10am-10:00am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Classroom: C207 in Wells Hall Required Text: THOMAS’ CALCULUS (12th Edition) (* Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be covered) * Homework Attached is a list of tentative homework assignments for each section covered in this class. Optional supplemental exercises will be assigned in class. Although these assigned problems will not be collected, it is extremely important that you complete these assignments, because they represent the problems which will appear on the exams and quizzes. In order to be successful, you should complete the assigned homework problems after each section is covered and ask any questions during office hours. * Quizzes There will be 7 quizzes and the lowest quiz will be dropped (20 pts for each quiz and so 120 pts for total quizzes). The problems in all quizzes are almost similar as those in homework problems. The tentative dates of quizzes are as follows: 1) 19, 26 on January 2) 9, 23 on February 3) 16, 25 on March 4) 13 on April * Gateway Exams All students are required to take two Gateway Exams. Students will get 10 points for passing each Gateway Exam. Thus, the total scores for the Gateway Exams are 20 points. If students fail to pass the exam, then no points are given to them. Students can take the Gateway Exam once per day until passed. However, make sure that they must start to take the exam before of Gateway First Attempt Deadline. Otherwise, you have no chance to take the exam. In addition, notice that you must pass the exam before of the day for “Gateway Exam Ends.” For the place and the schedules of the Gateway Exams, please visit
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Math Syllabus - Course Syllabus MTH 132 (Section 002)...

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