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EGR_100_Syllabus_Fall_2011 - EGR 100 Introduction to...

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EGR 100 Fall 2011 EGR 100 Introduction to Engineering Design Fall 2011 Instructor: Mr. Timothy Hinds, [email protected], W7 WIL Lectures : Sections 001-006, 015-017 & 019: Tuesdays, 3:00pm 3:50pm, C102 WIL Sections 007-014, 018 & 020: Wednesdays, 8:00am 8:50am, C102 WIL Labs : Labs meet in G79 or C004 Wilson Hall Open Labs : W9 Wilson Hall, Mo-Th, 9-11pm & Su, 5-9pm Course Web Site: www.angel.msu.edu Homework: Usually assigned in lecture and/or lab and due the following session. No late work will be accepted without prior approval. Re-grades must be requested within 1 week of return or posting of grades of homework, project or exam. No scores will be changed after the 1 week period. Teaching Assistants: Sect 001 Wouter Brink [email protected] Sect 002 Marc Santa [email protected] Sect 003 Marc Santa [email protected] Sect 004 Ross Loynes [email protected] Sect 005 Lauren Fedak [email protected] Sect 006 Eric McElmurry [email protected] Sect 007 Brad Rutledge [email protected] Sect 008 Brad Rutledge [email protected] Sect 009 Ross Loynes [email protected] Sect 010 Alex Baumann [email protected]
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