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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING EGR 100 Introduction to Engineering Design SAFETY RULES Project Assembly Laboratory (PAL) – W9 WIL 1. Safety glasses with side shields are to be worn on your eyes at all times while in the PAL. Safety glasses must be worn over prescription glasses. It is the student’s responsibility to bring safety glasses. Glasses must be the hard plastic type with side shields and Z87 designation. 2. Loose fitting clothing or clothing that does not protect the body from hot metal chips, falling tools, or other parts shall not be permitted. This includes neckties, shorts, torn pants, sandals, etc. 3. Students must check with the TA or mentor for proper operation and setup prior to using any power tools or equipment. 4. Only ONE person is to operate a machine at one time. Never leave a machine while it is operating. 5. Report all breakages to the TA or mentor so that repairs or a replacement may be made.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Reckless behavior will not be tolerated. 7. Before leaving the PAL, students must thoroughly clean and wipe down all machines used and return all tools to their proper locations. The floors around the machines are to be swept clean. No tools such as drills, files, rulers, etc. are to be left out. 8. Do not use compressed air to clean or blow chips off machines. Particles can be thrown into the face and cause serious injury. 9. Above all, use caution and good sense when in any industrial environment. 10. Any student not following the above safety rules will not be allowed to use the PAL facilities. I will be responsible for the proper use of the equipment and general shop activity. I agree to abide by the safety rules governing the PAL. Date Signature of Student Section # P r i n t Y o u r N a m e...
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