MTH234_SS11_061_Syllabus - MTH 234, Section 061 Course...

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MTH 234, Section 061 – Course syllabus Spring 2011 Lecture: MWF 15:00-15:50, C111 WH Recitation: Tue 15:00-15:50, C111 WH Lecturer: Nir Gavish email: Office hours: WF 14:00-15:00 and by appointment. Office: A334 WH Text: Calculus by Thomas' Calculus; 11th Edition. Homework will be collected every Tuesday at the recitation, and will include all underlined questions listed in the attached ‘schedule and assignments’ for the sections taught in the previous week. Your TA will select 3 problems to be graded and for each problem you can get up to 2 points. Partial submissions will also be accepted and graded. In such a case, please indicate at the top of the submission that you do did not submit all the homework questions, and list the missing problems. If it appears that you did solve the vast majority of the problems you will get an extra point. So, homework will be collected 15 times during the semester and for each you can get up to 7 points. Two lowest homework grades are dropped. Math Learning Center Very few of the assigned homework problems will be discussed either in lectures or recitation classes. Your primary resource for help with these questions is the Math Learning Center (MLC). MLC front desk is located in the lobby on the first floor of the A-wing of Wells Hall. Exams There will be 4 intermediate-exams (tentatively scheduled 2/1, 3/1, 3/29 and 4/26). A uniform final exam will be given on 5/3, 10:00-12:00 noon. Intermediate-exams include material not covered by a previous exam. Lowest intermediate-exam grade will be dropped. The final exam is comprehensive, 120 minutes long.
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MTH234_SS11_061_Syllabus - MTH 234, Section 061 Course...

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