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English 411/Lindsay Essay Options: “Romero’s Shirt” Spring 2011 OPTION 1: Background: Juan Romero is a flawed character. That is, his behavior and attitudes aren’t always admirable. Yet, the writer, Dagoberto Gilb, wants us to “understand,” perhaps, even sympathize with him. ASSIGNMENT: In an essay, discuss why readers should understand —perhaps even sympathize with-- Romero, despite his flaws. Write for an audience that has read the story, but that doesn’t feel sympathy for Romero. Briefly point out Romero’s flaws as a way of conceding that your audience has a point, but then argue why readers should— nonetheless—feel sympathy for him. Support your argument by a careful analysis of the text. In your conclusion, explain why it is important to understand real people who are like Romero. Draw upon your own experiences, or your observations of others. (Your summary can be quite short for this essay, but your conclusion should be longer.) OPTION 2: ASSIGNMENT: In an essay, discuss how the story’s setting, the physical world of the story, helps us understand Romero and his emotional world. (Be careful how you organize this essay: do not randomly list elements of setting and connect
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Romero_Essay_Topics_s10 - English 411/Lindsay Essay...

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