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Election Guidelines Candidate Requirements 1. Candidate must be a resident of the building to run for that hall’s leadership. 2. Candidates must be in good academic and judicial standing with the University. 3. Candidate must be able to attend RHA Leadership Development Day on Sunday, September 25th from 9am-4pm in order to be trained for position. 4. Candidate must remember that position is a year long commitment to the hall community. Campaign Guidelines 1. Candidate must submit a completed letter of intent and a copy of all campaign flyers to Hall Director. All flyers must be approved by Hall Director before posting. Letters of Intent and campaign flyers must be turned in by: Thursday, September 8 th at midnight in order to be placed on the ballot and have the ability to campaign. 2. No campaign should spend more than $30.00, which is paid by each individual candidate. 3. All signs should be respectful and appropriate.
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