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ws07 - 5 Working with a group(or at least a partner...

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Math 464, Worksheet 7 Use population model from Graded Assignment 1: Birth rate is b = 0 . 05 per day per animal. Death rate is d = N 5000 per day per animal. h = 3 animals per day are harvested. b N d h 1. Write the difference equation for N and find all equilibrium solutions. 2. Repeat the steps of Worksheet 6, using initial N 0 = 250. 3. Generate additional columns for the expected population and each equilibrium solution. 4. Graph the random population, the expected population, and all equilibria all on one graph.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Working with a group (or at least a partner), generate 100 random trials, each for one full year of population. Count the number of trials that end in extinction. 6. Repeat the entire worksheet for diFerent values of h . I am particularly interested in h = 0 and h = 3 . 125. 7. Suppose that you get paid $1 for each animal you harvest during the year. But, if the population goes extinct you pay a ±ne of $100,000. What value of h would you chose, and why? 1...
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