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Math 464, Worksheet 3 Suppose that in a population of N animals we have the following conditions (as represented in the diagram at right.) Birth rate is b = 0 . 05 per day per animal. Death rate is d = N 5000 per day per animal. h = 3 animals per day are removed from the popu- lation. b N d h 1. Write a diFerence equation for N . Express your answer in the form Δ N = formula involving N 2. ±ind all equilibrium solutions. 3. Sketch these and several other solutions. These solutions should include at least two that
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Unformatted text preview: start at N (0) in between the equilibria, and at least two that do not. 4. Crunch the numbers for the solution with “initial” data N (-200) = 105. Run the solution from time t =-200 days all the way to t = 200 days. Use Excel if you feel like it. Graph this solution with your others. See how well it ²ts. 1...
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