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hw2-29 - of(a Trig(b Log(c Product(For example x 2 e x...

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Homework 2/29 For each of Problems 1-64 on pages 228-229 of your text: 1. Decide if you CAN or CANNOT do the problem with the rules we have so far. NOTE: What you can do are 1) powers of x , 2) e x , 3) products and quotients that simplify to powers of x . What you can’t do is everything else. 2. If you CAN, then do it. 3. If you CANNOT, give a one word description of why you can’t. The one word should be one
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Unformatted text preview: of: (a) Trig. (b) Log. (c) Product. (For example, x 2 e x , because you can’t simplfy to powers of x .) (d) Quotient. (For example, x x + 3 , becuase you can’t simplfy to powers of x .) (e) Insides. (For example, ( x 2 + 2) 1 / 2 or e 5 x .) Hints and Answers You CAN do 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 51 and 52. 1...
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